Good riddance to Ron Klain and his ridiculous spin obsession


The Biden administration’s finally doing something right: saying farewell to Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who’ll step down next week.

After all, when it comes to spinning facts, whitewashing President Joe Biden’s abysmal record and misleading the public, it’s hard to beat Klain.

He’s gotten so infamous for his unhinged tweets and retweets that “The Ruthless” podcast took to featuring a game show mocking them: Hosts had to guess which of four idiotic postings — ludicrously praising Biden, for instance, or blasting conservatives — was not shared by Klain.

The show is now mourning his departure, noting he was “good for content”; it played its parody of the song “Fame,” called “Klain to Fame,” one last time this week.

Just how far did Klain go in misleading Americans? Well, just this week, he shared a doubly false video of Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) claiming Biden “lowered your gas prices and Republicans are upset about it.” And he retweeted liberal pundit Paul Krugman claiming the economy grew 6.7% under Biden, without mentioning that was only because it was recovering from the COVID recession, a recovery that began under Donald Trump.

Klain (who made several appearances in The Post’s Whoppers column highlighting his distortions) also once shared a claim that inflation and supply-chain snags were merely “high class problems” — as if middle- and lower-income families had nothing to worry about. (Eggs are up 57% over a year ago.)

U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) speaks at the U.S. Capitol at a press conference of the leadership of the House Democratic caucus.
House Democratic Caucus Leadership Press Conference in Washington, USA
Rep. Ted Lieu tweeted a false claim about Biden and gas prices.
Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/S

Even in his resignation letter, Klain loaded on the spin, praising his boss for passing “the most significant economic recovery legislation since FDR” and managing “the largest land war in Europe since the Truman era.”

Sorry, but that “recovery legislation” was all about spending tax dollars, mostly to benefit Democrats and their allies, and it wound up fueling both inflation and the national debt.

And Biden’s missteps — his botched bugout from Afghanistan and gaffes like the one suggesting a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine would be OK — likely helped spark the Ukraine war by emboldening Vladimir Putin.

Klain’s departure gave the White House a chance to replace him with someone who’d be more honest with Americans. Yet it chose instead failed COVID czar Jeff Zients, who Biden threatens “will continue Ron’s example of smart, steady leadership.” Oy.


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