Major George Santos donors don’t seem to exist: report

Some of Rep. George Santos’ donors don’t seem to exist, adding new questions about the scandal-scarred freshman Long Island congressman.

Santos, who represents Queens and the North Shore, has faced widespread calls to resign from his own party after he was busted fabricating large swaths of his personal and professional resume.

The addresses and identities of more than a dozen large donors for Santos’ congressional campaign could not be confirmed according to a new report from Mother Jones.

Victoria and Jonathan Regor each donated the maximum of $2,800 to Santos’ campaign — even though their address in Jackson Township, NJ, doesn’t exist and the news outlet could find no one with those names living in the United States.

Another donor, Stephen Berger, who gave $2,500, reported living on Brandt Road in Brawley, Calif. But that address is currently occupied by William Brandt, a local rancher, who said he had never donated a penny to Santos and that no Stephen Berger had ever lived at the address.

Rep. George Santos is facing calls to resign from his own party
Rep. George Santos is facing calls to resign from his own party
Rod Lamkey – CNP

Donating under a false name is a violation of federal campaign law and adds to the growing list of questions surrounding the Congressman’s financial disclosures. Dozens of his campaign expenses are listed as costing $199.99, just one cent below the minimum at which federal law requires a receipt.

Santos did not respond to request for comment from The Post.

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