DFW ice: Forecast, timeline, icy conditions in North Texas


DALLAS — Icy, not snowy, wintry weather is headed to North Texas over the next several days.

Here’s what you need to know to be best prepared:

  • Freezing drizzle and freezing rain is likely DFW and the majority of North Texas Monday through Wednesday
  • Impacts to roads and travel are possible during that time
  • A glaze of ice is possible on Monday
  • Slick and hazardous travel is likely on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning
  • Keep checking back for updates as the forecast will continue to be adjusted!

Winter Storm Warning

The Winter Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning. It runs until 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Rounds of freezing rain and possibly some sleet as well with accumulations of ice ranging from .10in to .50in across the area.



On-and-off freezing drizzle or light freezing rain is possible. While anything falling from the sky does not look overly heavy, it will be enough to cause a glaze of ice on elevated surfaces. Bridges and overpasses could be slick in places around D-FW to the north and west.

Monday night – all day Tuesday

Looks like the best chance to see higher amounts of freezing rain will be late Monday night and through the day on Tuesday. Totals of .10 inches to perhaps even .25 inches look possible.

With temps staying below freezing all day, icy roads, bridges, and overpasses are likely. Travel could be slick and hazardous for most of North Texas. Travel is discouraged on Tuesday unless absolutely necessary.

Tuesday night – Wednesday morning

Lingering freezing rain or drizzle will be possible for most of North Texas.

Exactly how widespread rain will be or how heavy is a bit uncertain right now. But icy roads and hazardous travel will remain likely.

Wednesday afternoon – night

Temps MIGHT warm above freezing from D-FW to the east. Might.

IF that occurs, that would cause freezing to transition to just a cold rain. Perhaps mixed with some sleet showers.

It may be close for who warms above freezing and who doesn’t so keep an eye on the temp and the forecast!

Ice totals

Nailing down exact amounts for everyone is very tricky. And honestly, the difference between .13in of ice or .22in of ice really will not make a difference for the impact to you.

Icy bridges and overpasses are likely with icy roads in places as well.

Areas that do see the higher end totals, mainly west of D-FW, could see better chances for tree damage as well as some power outages issues.

This is important!

This is very complicated and active forecast. What you see will all depend on the temperature. Also the intensity of precipitation in any area will play a role in how much ice you see.

Just stay on your toes this week and we’ll continue to update you with the latest!


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