Freezing Drizzle, Icy Spots Tonight

First Alert Weather:

  • Freezing Drizzle, Light Snow or Sleet This evening and night
  • Areas of ice on roadways, use extra caution on any untreated surface
  • Light Wintry Mix Ends Early Monday

Tonight: Freezing drizzle will create slick spots on untreated surfaces. It’s not a lot of moisture, but it doesn’t take much ice to cause big problems. Som light snow/sleet may mix in, but it’s the freezing drizzle that presents the biggest issue with black ice in spots. Be mindful of slick spots on untreated surfaces. Accumulations of sleet and snow will be very minor, generally nothing to a dusting. Ice accumulation will be a glazing to about 0.5″ and we may have a few isolated spots 0.5″ to 0.10″. The ice is purely a travel issue, no power outages as this is very light amounts of ice.

Monday: Mainly dry during the day with a few snow showers well south of St. Louis in the afternoon through the evening. Areas south of Farmington are most likely to collect minor snow accumulations in the afternoon to early evening under 1″. This snow is expected to miss the St. Louis metro.

7 Day Forecast

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